Lost your important data?

Do you need help immediately?
KÜRT has the fastest data recovery service for you!

KÜRT’s S.O.S. Data Recovery Service is available 7/24/365. Before you choose the fastest solution please read it’s details carefully below.

SOS Kürt adatmentés

What are the differences between NORMAL and S.O.S. Data Recovery Service?

  • We do not perform the analysis, we start with immediate data recovery process.
  • The data recovery engineers work on the case 7/24 till they can not close the worklflow.
  • The Customer Service stays in contact with you if we have important information.
  • You can pay after you got your recovered data.
  • The Prices are 4-5 times higher of thr NORMAL Service. (Check out our prices here)
  • In case of unsuccessful data recovery 20% of the price needs to be paid.

In case you would like to have our S.O.S. Data Recovery Service, call our hotline: +36 30 210 7177 and ask for your unique price offer.

The Data Recovery Customer Service is always available.